As a provider of service and solutions for many years our experiences have led to successful placement of each system without event of failure. Years of research were extended to present only top quality equipment. Time is spent to appropriately provide the system equipment that will support your specific needs. Nearly any application can be supported with a small amount of pre-planning for each project. A list of all equipment to be controlled and a little information about the drying system and/or air system will allow an integrated process with the manufacturers equipment. The equipment is Nema 1 or Chassis stand alone to be mounted in an enclosure.

Ryan Lahner, Owner

Lahner Power Innovations has been involved for 40 some years of rapid expansion in the agricultural field. Huge amounts of electricity are required for grain drying and handling processes.


We have been involved with rotary phase converters and realize the large gap left with good motor control and varying phase amperages, leading to premature failures and loss of torque (HP) due to these imbalances. Other resources require over-sizing of motors, and or controls.


Our method does not require either. Motor control is provided with complete overload protection and soft starting as well as speed control should it be beneficial and cost saving. Some applications will provide paybacks of all the equipment expenses.


If you are wondering the answer to any of these...

How much will 3 phase cost?

Will soft start motors be too expensive?

Why doesn't the manufacturer recommend converters?

Is my converter is too small or too big?

Why can't my motors accommodate my power demand, whether large or small?

Why do my neighbor’s lights dim when I start my dryer and air system?

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